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In 2009, my journey as a professional photographer began in the charming town of Breckenridge, where I joined a local, boutique photography studio. Quickly rising to the role of head photographer, I captured everything from heartwarming family portraits to thrilling action shots on the ski slopes, along with headshots and vibrant event photography. Over the last decade, my career path led me into the corporate world, yet my passion for photography never waned. Now, I am thrilled to announce my return to photography full-time, rekindling the spark that drives my creativity.

Capturing life's significant moments.

I specialize in capturing life’s significant moments—family photos, milestone birthdays, festive holidays, maternity celebrations, senior photos, retirements, cherished pet portraits, as well as professional business lifestyle shots, headshots, branding, dynamic product photography and corporate events. My approach is versatile, skillfully transitioning between candid lifestyle shots and structured, polished compositions.

My Passion

I am committed to staying at the forefront of photographic technology and trends, actively learning through classes and guidance from two mentors. Recently, I invested in the latest Nikon mirrorless camera, enhancing my ability to produce the highest quality images. Recognized throughout Colorado as a master networker and a pivotal connector, I look forward to this new chapter of freezing time and capturing unforgettable moments that people will cherish forever!

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